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House of Hazards


House of Hazards is a challenging skill game with multiple missions. Compete with other players to do your housework and take caution with dangers.

The gameplay of House of Hazards

Do you know that there are many hidden hazards in your house? Play this game now to see what these hazards are and have fun. In this game, you will be assigned multiple tasks. You and the other players have to compete to complete them.

The list of the tasks

Here is the list of missions that you need to finish.

  • Drink Coffee: First, in the morning, after waking up, you need a cup of coffee to boost your morning energy. Therefore, you have to rush to the kitchen to make coffee.
  • Drush Teeth: After that, let's run to the bathroom to brush your teeth.
  • Pick up the watering can: Next, you must run to the garden to pick up a watering can and water the carrots in your garden.
  • Grab Mail: Your final task is to grab the mail. You need to run to the house and then the garage. Then, go out of the house to grab mail in the mailboxes. After grabbing the mail, you need to return to your house safely and put the mail into the basket to win the game.

After all the players get hit by obstacles in the house, the scoreboard will appear. When looking at this scoreboard, you can know the completion rate of all players. If your completion rate is high, it means that you are about to finish the task.

All punishing choices in the game

Right after the scoreboard disappears, a lucky wheel will be displayed. It has four wedges labeled with the names of 4 players. Note that the higher your completion rate is, the bigger your wedge is on the lucky wheel. This wheel spins automatically. It will decide who will be punished in the next round. Next, another lucky wheel appears. This wheel has 6 wedges labeled with 6 punishing choices. You must spin it to choose one of the punishing choices.

  • Safe Zone: If a flapper on the lucky wheel points to the Safe Zone wedge, it means that you are very lucky because there is nothing happening to you in the next round.
  • Redo Last Task: This choice requires you to redo the mission that you have just completed
  • Heavy Weight: If you spin the wheel and land on the Heavy Weight wedge, you need to wear heavy armor in the next round. This armor will slow down your running speed.
  • Friendly Friend: If you hit the Friendly Friend wedge on the lucky wheel, you have to leave a nice flower instead of picking up players.
  • Nonstop Dab: The frequency of the dangers will increase if you select this option.
  • Inverted Control: Your control will be inverted. Press the left arrow key to run to the right and the right arrow key to run to the left.

How to control


Press the A-D keys to move left or right.

Press an S key to fire or crouch.

Press a W key to jump.


Press the J-L key to move left or right.

Press a K key to fire or crouch.

Press a Y key to jump.

Note: Actually, this game allows up to 4 players to play it. However, only two players can use the keyboard to play while the others have to use the gamepad to play the game. Therefore, if you want to have fun with your friends, prepare both the keyboard and gamepad before playing the game.

All dangers in House of Hazards

In this game, you have to encounter multiple hazards which stop you from completing assigned tasks. What are they? Here is the list of dangers you need to watch out for. Besides, I will also suggest some tips to avoid them.

In the house

  • The ceiling light: The ceiling light can drop into your head and make you faint at any time, so be careful.
  • The cupboard: The door of the cupboard can suddenly open, so you need to crawl to avoid crashing into the door.
  • The faucet: The faucet can randomly turn on and spray water toward you. Therefore, running fast before the faucet turns on is the best way which will keep you safe.
  • The toaster oven: Some bread will jump out from the toaster oven and hit you.
  • The robot vacuum: It will be turned on and move to the left or right to make you fall. You must jump as high as possible to avoid the robot vacuum.
  • The remote controller and mirror: The signal of the remote controller will go through the mirror and hit you. Therefore, you must take caution when standing near them.

In the garden

  • The teddy bear: The teddy bear will jump and hit you to make you fall. It even chases you. Therefore, run as fast as possible to escape from this teddy bear.
  • The tussock: Water will shoot out from the tussock, so you need to be careful when going through the tussock.
  • The swing: The swing will swing automatically and hit you

In the garage

  • The pitching machine: The pitching machine will randomly shoot baseballs at you.
  • The skateboard: It will automatically move to the left or right to make you fall. I recommend you jump over the skateboard.
  • The water pipe: The water pipe can drop at any time, so you had better crawl to go out of the house.

More relevant information about the House of Hazards

Two playable game modes

At the start of the game, you can choose one of two available game modes. They are Multiplayer Mode and Time Trial.

  • Multiplayer Mode: In this mode, you need to compete with the other 3 players to complete the missions. However, don't focus too much on finishing assigned tasks. Instead, you also need to trap other players to prevent them from winning. Press a down arrow key in time to create dangers for your rivals. Moreover, you can pick up your opponents and lock them into a chest.
  • Time Trial mode: In this mode, you will complete all assigned housework alone within the shortest time. Play this mode and let's see how fast you can complete all missions.

All characters

There are 8 characters in this game. They are Marissa, Jerry, Samantha, Robo Rob, Buster, Rocking Grandma, Super Sam, and Dom. Note that only half of them, Marrisa, Jerry, Samantha, and Dom, are available for gameplay at the start of the game. Meanwhile, the others are locked. You do not need to pay anything to buy the locked characters. Instead, you can unlock these characters while you play the Multiplayer Mode. Whenever you can break your record, a new character will be unlocked.

Developer and Platform

House of Hazards was created by New Eich Games which is a large game development company. It was released as an HTML game in September 2020. On May 20, 2022, the creator updated some new features. This helps to attract more fans from all over the world. Besides, because of being an HTML game, this game is playable on the web browser on both PC and mobile devices.