Stickman Boost

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Stickman Boost is an action-adventure game with levels full of obstacles and dangers. You will control the stickman to jump over traps to reach the finish line.

How to play

You'll guide your stickman through a series of challenging levels filled with spikes, spinning fans, bouncing darts and more! Use your parkour skills to jump, slide and run over these obstacles. Be quick and agile to avoid getting caught!

Alien creatures and other dangers lurk around every corner. Run as fast as you can to escape their clutches. And don't forget to master swimming and flying to conquer all challenges.

Equip yourself with handy tools like kites, rockets and motorbikes to help you along the way. But remember, your ultimate goal is to get to the finish line as quickly as possible. Follow the arrows and checkpoints to stay on track and collect coins to improve your score.

Threats ahead

Watch out for deadly spikes, spinning fans and unstable platforms. Dodge buzzsaws, bouncing darts and menacing alien robots. Be alert and react quickly to survive!


Stickman Boost has 10 levels of increasing difficulty, plus 2 "hell" levels for the bravest players. Each stage presents new challenges to overcome. Can you defeat them all and become the ultimate champion?

Save mode

Choose between "Save Online" and "Save Locally". Online mode will save your progress forever and unlock additional stages and rewards. Local mode saves your progress on your computer.

Leaderboards and achievements

Compete with friends and players around the world on the leaderboards. Earn stars, complete achievements and track your progress with the statistics button.

Tips and Tricks

  • Take your time and wait for the perfect moment to make your move. Rushing can lead to mistakes!
  • Combine jumping and running to navigate through obstacles smoothly. Timing is everything!
  • Keep an eye out for green arrows along the way. They'll guide you in the right direction and prevent you from getting lost.
  • Don't forget to activate all the checkpoints you come across. They'll save your progress, so you won't have to start from the beginning if you make a mistake.
  • Stay sharp and be ready to react to obstacles quickly. With constant challenges ahead, quick thinking is essential to success.