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Top Guns IO


Description of Top Guns IO

Top Guns IO is an attractive shooting game. You will control the plane and fight hard with state-of-the-art weapons to become the warrior who dominates the sky. Dominate the skies by shooting down enemy planes, completing missions, and earning experience points to level up your pilot. Challenge yourself with daily tasks to showcase your skills and earn awesome rewards. With each victory, your character grows stronger, giving you an edge over your opponents.


  • Move your mouse to control your plane's direction.
  • Left mouse button: Fire the plane's weapons to attack enemies.
  • Use special abilities or perform evasive maneuvers, depending on your plane.
  • Use the W, A, S, and D keys to perform aerial actions such as rolls and loops.
  • Activate the aircraft's boost or afterburner feature to temporarily increase speed
  • Deploy flares or grids to avoid enemy missiles.

How to play?

  • Hunt down enemy planes and engage in intense dogfights.
  • Complete different objectives to earn rewards and experience points.
  • As you level up, unlock new planes and upgrade your existing ones with better weapons and equipment.
  • Compete against other players in real-time multiplayer matches, solo or with friends.
  • Try out different game modes like team matches, objective-based missions, and large-scale battles for a varied gaming experience.