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Rowdy Wrestling


Description of Rowdy Wrestling


Step into the ring and unleash your inner wrestler in Rowdy Wrestling! Master the controls and beat your opponents in this action-packed drunken wrestling game. You can engage in competitive battles with other players, making it more enjoyable compared to other genres. The characters in this game are portrayed as drunken wrestlers, which adds a unique element of challenge to the game as it becomes difficult to maintain balance while fighting. Mastering the control of your character requires skill and practice, making players spend a considerable amount of time immersed in the world of wrestling. This game not only offers entertainment but also an opportunity for players to improve their skills.

While you can choose to take on opponents alone, the real fun comes from battling alongside a friend. Your goal is to stay inside the cage for as long as possible and take down any enemies who dare to challenge you, using all the punches and kicks at your disposal. The game features intense wrestling matches between two players, where you must defeat your opponents to win. What makes this action game unique is the exceptional skills of each character. The characters' robust movements are meticulously crafted to provide players with an immersive and exciting experience.

It involves fierce combat against your opponents in an arena surrounded by a cheering crowd in colorful costumes. Use different offensive and defensive moves to try to win. Noisy wrestling is a chaotic wrestling game. Get ready for an exciting experience! The aim of the game is to win rounds by knocking down your opponents with dropped kicks and excessive high-fives. Whether you're a fan of pro wrestling or hate smug-looking bodybuilders, this game has something for you. If you love shooting games, you can play Shell Shockers. This is quite an interesting game for your reference.


The game offers various techniques to defeat your opponents, including combining jumps and blows to inflict more damage and throwing them out of the ring. You can also use weapons such as batons, sticks, and chairs to your advantage, but you'll have to grab them before your opponent does. Get ready to unleash your wrestling skills

The guidelines for playing Rowdy Wrestling

How to control

You may vary depending on the platform or device you are using to play the game. You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your character around the wrestling arena. The Z key is typically used to perform attacks and deal damage to your opponent. Be sure to practice using these controls so you can become more skilled at the game and defeat your opponents in exciting wrestling matches.


Take control of your character and engage in fierce battles with opponents in Rowdy Wrestling. The game requires you to deplete your opponent's health bar before they can do the same to you. You must attack your enemies swiftly while also being agile enough to dodge their blows to emerge victorious.