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Only Up Parkour


Only Up Parkour is an extreme parkour adventure game. You will play as a parkour character and try to climb to the top of a never-ending tower.

Your mission in the game

Your mission is to try to climb to the top of a never-ending tower. The game features various obstacles, such as fences, holes, and machines. The player needs to use his parkour skills to overcome these obstacles and climb to the top of the tower. Challenges will increase, requiring players' handling skills to be better. The game has up to 500,000 exciting levels for you to challenge. How many challenges will you conquer in this game? This game will help you practice your agility and planning skills proficiently.


  • Use the WASD keys to move freely in all directions.
  • Jump and climb with the SPACE BAR to reach new heights.
  • Hold down SHIFT to sprint across the terrain.

Tips to conquer levels

Help your character overcome the mazes by using the movement and jumping keys expertly. You need to react extremely quickly to climb the tower without being hit by other obstacles. If you are hit you will fall into the abyss. Use your mouse to navigate the 3D screen so you have a clearer and wider view. In addition, you can also play many other level-conquering games at House of Hazards. There will be many games updated regularly giving you many new experiences.