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Subway Surfers New Orleans


Great adventure in Subway Surfers New Orleans

Subway Surfers New Orleans is a Halloween-themed game. Join young Jake as he rushes through endless subways to escape a determined detective.

Endless Subway Run

As part of Jake's world tour, he finds himself in New Orleans amidst a Halloween event. The inspector, decked out in a zombie cosplay, is hot on Jake's heels, eager to catch him. Your mission is to guide Jake to run at breakneck speed, evading the relentless inspector. The subway in New Orleans presents endless challenges, with potential hazards like trains and barriers. Some trains even approach you head-on. Master the art of jumping, lateral movement, and sliding down to navigate these dangers successfully. Crashing into obstacles shortens the distance between you and the inspector. In case of capture, use the blue keys to revive, but beware&mdash, the more times you use this option, the higher the key cost. In addition to covering substantial distances, collect gold coins along the way. These coins can be utilized to unlock new characters, hoverboards, and power-ups.

Power-Up Bonanza

  • Jetpack: Strap on the jetpack to soar high in the sky, collecting additional coins during your airborne journey.
  • Super Sneakers: Equip these sneakers to leap higher and farther, conquering lofty trains effortlessly.
  • Coin Magnet: Activate the coin magnet to attract all nearby coins into your possession.
  • Score Multiplier: Collect this power-up, and watch your score instantly double, boosting your in-game achievements.


  • Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move left or right.
  • Press the Up Arrow key to jump.
  • Utilize the Down Arrow key to slide down.
  • Activate the hoverboard with the Spacebar.

Latest Features

As part of the Subway Surfers series, this new installment boasts exciting updates. The latest addition is a Halloween theme, evident in the spooky decorations adorning the city. Pumpkins and ghost dolls line the way as you run through the subway. Moreover, the shop introduces new outfits for Frank and King, featuring the Clown Outfit for Frank and the Count Outfit for King. Experience the thrill of Subway Surfers New Orleans with these added features and the gripping Halloween atmosphere.