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Spiral Roll


Spiral Roll is a fun and challenging puzzle game. You will control the knife rolling through a colorful spiral maze, avoiding obstacles and collecting diamonds.

How to play

Your task is to overcome obstacles along the way, the longer you need to go, the higher your score. Just touch the screen and hold to create spirals and overcome obstacles. Guide your spiral through the levels, avoid everything that gets in your way. As you achieve new challenges, the difficulty will increase. Try to stay calm and get through it all. You should combine the use of your brain, hands, and eyes to be proficient in this game. Keep an eye out for special items that can give you extra advantages and help you go further.

Some tips for playing

  • Start slowly and increase speed as you get used to the controls.
  • Keep the knife in the middle of the line as much as possible.
  • Look ahead to anticipate upcoming turns.
  • Use the controls to adjust the speed and direction of the ball.
  • Practice makes perfect!