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Take control of your life

BitLife is a life simulation game, you can create a virtual life and decide the direction from birth to death. Every choice you make can affect your life. You may choose to pursue education, start a career, join the military, or even live a life of adventure or crime. The game offers a series of activities and decisions for you to interact with, from going to the doctor, migrating, meditating, to managing assets and vehicles.

Attractive gameplay

How to play

  • Choose gender, appearance, name,... for your character.
  • Select the country and city where you want to live.
  • Choose a career for your parents.
  • Starts life from birth.

Each year, you will be offered a variety of options in areas such as:

  • Studying: Going to school, choosing a school, taking extra classes,...
  • Career: Looking for a job, promotion, changing careers,...
  • Love: Dating, getting married, having children,...
  • Health: Exercise, healthy eating, health check-ups,...
  • Entertainment: Traveling, playing games, watching movies,...
  • Bitlife has a system of indicators such as: Happiness, Health, Intelligence, Appearance,...
  • These indicators will affect your life.
  • You need to balance the indicators to have a good life.

Play tips

  • Think carefully before making each choice.
  • Balance the indicators to have a good life.
  • Experiment with different options to explore different endings.
  • Join the Bitlife community to share experiences and tips.