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Traffic Jam 3D


Traffic Jam 3D is an extremely attractive traffic-themed driving game. Players need to help vehicles on the road escape traffic jams to make it easier to move.

What is your goal?

The player will see a complex road network, with squares containing vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, and ambulances. The player's goal is to move the vehicles to create an escape route for the main vehicle. This often requires strategic thinking and calculation to figure out how to move the vehicles without colliding with each other.

Tips to play

  • Before starting to move vehicles, find out which main vehicle needs to exit the road network. Focus on moving this vehicle out of the target square first.
  • If possible, move small and light vehicles first. This will create space and pave the way for larger vehicles to move later.
  • If you have difficulty finding the solution, use the hint function. This is a useful feature so you can have access to a solution to the situation.
  • Before making any move, think carefully and plan your next move. Consider the impact each move has on other vehicles on the network.