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Ragdoll Archers


Ragdoll Archers is a physics-based action archery game, developed by Ericetto. Destroy all enemies around you by shooting arrows at them to stay safe.

How to play Ragdoll Archers?

How to control archers

The player will control an archer and use a variety of arrows to destroy other enemies. Enemies can be stickmen, monsters or even tanks. The goal of the game is to destroy all enemies to complete the level. The player can move the archer around the screen by sliding his finger.

To shoot an arrow, the player needs to aim and pull the bow. When the player releases the bow, the arrow will be shot. The game has many different types of arrows, each with different powers and effects. For example, missiles will fly farther than regular arrows, explosive arrows will explode when they hit the target, and ice arrows will slow down enemies. Enemies will react realistically to arrows, and arrows can also ricochet and deal damage in different directions.


  • Players can choose between many different archers, each with a different appearance and abilities.
  • Players can choose between many different types of names.
  • Players can choose between various types of gear, such as armor and helmets.

Tips to play

  • Enemies will react realistically to the arrows, so use this to wound or even kill them. For example, you can shoot arrows at the enemy's legs to make them fall or shoot arrows at the enemy's head to kill them instantly.
  • Each type of arrow has a unique characteristic, so use the type of arrow that suits the situation. For example, fire arrows can deal massive damage, while armor-piercing arrows can penetrate hard objects.
  • You can earn gold coins by defeating enemies and completing quests. You can use this gold to upgrade your abilities, such as increasing arrow power or fire speed.