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Pico Park


Description of Pico Park

In Pico Park, players will control a small, cat-like character with different colors and find a way to get the key and open the door to enter the next level. However, to do that, players need to work together to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. The game has 48 levels, from easy to difficult. The levels have a diverse design, requiring players to think and coordinate smoothly. The game also features various game modes, including cooperative mode, duel mode, and endless play mode.

Things you need to know about Pico Park

History and development

The game was created by TecoPark, a team that specializes in creating fun collaborative platform games. Their creativity has brought joy to players around the world, promoting team spirit and shared laughter. It is a traditional platformer game with a cute pixelated aesthetic, featuring a cat as the main character. Released on April 28, 2016, the game has become extremely popular, especially among streamers, thanks to its fun and engaging gameplay.

How to play

Your goal is to work together to get all the keys and achieve the goal. With 48 levels full of specially designed tricks, you'll need to consult with your teammates and come up with new ways to cooperate to complete each level. Jump, climb, use ropes, operate mechanisms, or even climb on top of your teammates - the possibilities are endless!

Many different challenges

  • The buttons need to be pressed by multiple players to work
  • Stairs can only be moved when a player is standing on them
  • Doors can only be opened when a player is standing on another button