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Draw Climber


Challenge your creativity in Draw Climber!

Show ingenuity when drawing legs in Draw Climber. Collect coins on the way to improve your score. The game gives you a chance to show off your drawing talent. To progress through each level, players must construct limbs that their character can use to navigate from one end to the other. Quick completion and acquisition of coins and power-ups contribute to earning points. If a limb is drawn too long, the character will move quickly but be unable to traverse narrow paths or collect low-lying coins. A new limb can be drawn in the space underneath the character using a mouse or finger. The difficulty lies in the active search for suitable legs that match the level requirements. Since each level varies, the same legs cannot always be utilized repeatedly. This game is quite captivating, with innovative ideas and a fun-filled experience. To continue with mind games, we would like to recommend you two very popular games. Trap The Cat and Apple Worm are known as one of the most difficult games today when it is necessary to use all intelligence to play. Are you sure to get over it?

Show your ingenuity in Draw Climber

How to draw legs

The drawing area is where you can sketch out your character's legs before setting off on your journey. As you progress, collect coins to unlock new themed levels. To overcome challenges, keep drawing new legs and push your limits.

Earn points

To earn points, players must complete the level as quickly as possible, while collecting coins and power-ups along the way. However, drawing a limb that is too long can make it difficult to maneuver through narrow passageways or collect coins that are low to the ground.


In each level of this game, the road ahead will change, and your cubes will need to climb stairs. For this reason, long legs are typically recommended. However, there are times when longer legs can cause your cube to become stuck, in which case shorter legs are a better choice. It's important to think creatively about the length and shape of the legs you draw to ensure they are suitable for each situation. Fortunately, you can redraw the lines at any time along the way, and if you fall into space, you can restart from the last checkpoint. Be sure to check at each checkpoint to ensure progress is saved. Collect coins along the road to buy speed upgrades and enhance your performance. With various levels to explore, this game promises plenty of fun and a chance to showcase your drawing talent.