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Monkey Mart


Become a good manager at Monkey Mart

Come to Monkey Mart store! Manage your own supermarket, grow your own fresh produce and sell to cute customers. Expand your market to become the best in town. You'll take control of an adorable monkey character and manage a supermarket in an idle/management game. You'll be responsible for planting fruits, harvesting produce, and moving around from station to station to ensure that the stands are stocked with a variety of food items. Some of the items you'll sell include bananas, corn, eggs, peanuts, coffee beans, chocolate, wheat, and more. Don't forget to play Swingo and Electron Dash to discover more new challenges.

Engaging gameplay of Monkey Mart

Resource extraction

You get to be the boss of your own supermarket as a cute monkey character. With the empty plots of land available next to the shelves, you can use your cash to unlock them and start planting fruit trees to produce fresh and delicious food items such as bananas, corn, eggs, peanuts, coffee beans, chocolate, and wheat. In this game, developing the mart with more types of goods is possible. However, you also need to spend cash to do it.

Satisfy the customers

Grow fresh fruits and vegetables like bananas and corn right in the supermarket. To ensure the shelves are always full of stock, you need to harvest the produce and transport it to the stands for sale. Always keep your customers satisfied with the freshest and most delicious food available.

Increase productivity

To improve productivity, you can upgrade both your main and staff monkey characters. The first upgrade for your main monkey is free, but subsequent upgrades will cost a set amount of coins each time. Upgrading will increase their speed, stamina, and the number of items they can carry at once. You can also upgrade your worker monkey in three categories: speed, stack size, and stamina. The price of each upgrade will be different and increase gradually.


After customers pick their fruits, it's time to bill them at the only checkout counter in the mart. Make sure to move quickly to the counter to avoid making them wait too long. Keeping your customers satisfied and happy is crucial for the success of your supermarket. You can also save money to buy a cashier to save time as quickly as possible.

Management skills

To succeed in the game, you need to improve your management skills and train your staff to excel in their roles. You can even unlock new job positions and teach your employees new skills. And, of course, don't forget to accessorize your character with cool hats and other items to add a touch of style to your market.

You can easily manage your market by running around to collect fresh crops and stacking them on the aisles for customers to pick up. There's no need to press any buttons as your character will automatically handle the tasks as long as you're standing in the right place. This allows you to focus on expanding your market.