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About Swingo

Swing, bounce, and grab your way to success in Swingo! Help your cute character navigate through a world of obstacles using only a grappling hook. Your adorable and bouncy character can only move with a grappling hook. By pulling the hook, you can propel yourself in the desired direction, and your character will swing and bounce until you reach the fruit at the end of each level. With each level you successfully complete, you'll earn points that accumulate to unlock fantastic new characters.

The game features a wide variety of maps and territories, each with its own unique challenges and obstacles to overcome. Put your skills to the test and see how far you can go by completing as many levels as possible. Also, you can complete other fascinating quests in Geometry Dash Lite, and show off your fast paced gameplay. This is really a great game to help you train your reflexes.

Swingo's attractive gameplay

Your objective in this game is to consume the giant pear located on the map. The pear may be placed in different locations, and you must move towards it and devour it. However, in some instances, reaching the pear in one go might not be possible. You need to move gradually by using your grappling hook to grab onto other objects like walls or obstacles to reach your target.

You must use the grappling hook to move. The game features numerous unique Swingo characters, all designed after animals, that you can unlock by earning points through successfully completing levels.

Your adorable, springy character can only navigate by using a grappling hook to swing from one point to another. Shoot the hook, reel yourself in, and keep bouncing until you reach the end of each level and snag the fruit. Successful completion earns you points that can be used to unlock a variety of charming animal-inspired characters.

Use your extendable sticky hand to shoot in the right direction and pull yourself towards juicy fruits to satiate your hunger. Bounce and swing your way through creative levels filled with surprises, completing exciting quests to earn points and unlock new characters.