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House of Hazards Unblocked


House of Hazards Unblocked

Introduction to the game

House of Hazards Unblocked is a multiplayer running and jumping platform game. You must complete your to-do list in a house full of dangers. You can choose to play with up to three friends in local multiplayer mode. Each player controls a different character and must complete tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and watering plants. However, they must also avoid hazards such as running microwaves, splashing sprinklers, and moving snowboards.

Your mission in the dangerous house

You find yourself in a high-rise building and your task is to climb up by going through different rooms. But it's not easy, there are many traps, enemies, and difficulties trying to stop you. Each level gets harder and you may have to try multiple times to beat them. If you make a mistake and get stuck on something, you can quickly restart and try again.

How to play


You can move left or right, climb up and down ladders, and jump to cross gaps or avoid dangers. Being good at moving and jumping is super important to pass through the tough levels.


Watch out for hazards at each level, like spikes, electricity, water, falling platforms, and lasers. If you touch them, you go back to a checkpoint or the start. So, be careful!


There are also robotic enemies shooting bullets. You need to time your moves right - jump over, crawl under, or dodge around them without getting hit.


Once you clear a level by avoiding hazards and enemies, the exit door opens. You have to reach it fast with as few deaths as possible. Time limits make it more challenging.


As you progress, you climb up through different floors of the tower. Each floor adds new challenges, making the game harder. You'll face hundreds of floors, and the difficulty keeps increasing, testing your skills to the max.

Tips and tricks to conquer the tower

  • Before jumping into action, check the room. Spot dangers, find power-ups and find out where enemies are hiding. Plan ahead to win more easily.
  • When faced with difficult spots, don't rush. Take small steps in high-danger areas. Make sure your footing is secure before taking on bigger jumps.
  • Remember how each room is arranged. Know where the enemies are, the gaps you need to jump and where the exit doors are. This helps you find the best route to get across quickly and safely.
  • Once you start, keep going. Stopping too long or turning back can be risky. Keep the momentum on your side and you'll have less problems with your enemies.
  • If you do something wrong and get caught, don't waste your time. Press the spacebar immediately to reboot. The faster you try again, the better your chances of entering the zone and clearing the level.

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