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Electron Dash


Conquer every level in Electron Dash


Enter the world of Electron Dash and prepare for a thrilling racing experience. You play as an astronaut on a mission to explore the endless path in space. Its gameplay is quite similar to Geometry Dash Lite and Tunnel rush. This game packs a punch with its impressive features that guarantee a thrilling ride. While you may have encountered some of these features in other games, the seamless integration of all of them in this game is a rare treat.

You take on the role of an astronaut on a mission to explore an endless path in space. However, this journey is not without its challenges and dangers. Your objective is to guide the astronaut through the obstacles and hurdles to achieve the highest score possible. If you want to play the game with your friends, invite your friends to play House of Hazards to create more fun together.


You will be amazed by the stunning graphics and effects. The turquoise tunnels are visually striking, resembling gemstone roads that your astronaut character runs on. The platforms are set against a beautiful night sky, with shimmering stars in the background cheering you on as you progress through the game.

In-game leaderboard

Track your progress and compete with other players on the leaderboard. Whether it's daily, weekly, monthly, or all-time, the highest scores are displayed for all to see. Check the leaderboard to see how you measure up against other players, and strive to leave your mark among the best of the best.

Engaging gameplay of Electron Dash

How to play

  • With just the AD or left and right arrow keys for movement and W, up arrow, or spacebar to jump, you'll be racing through the game in no time. These controls are easy to learn and even seasoned gamers will find them familiar.
  • You have complete control over your character's movement in an endless tunnel. You can move your character sideways in the tunnel as well as jump to avoid obstacles and prevent falling into the void of space. Be careful, as falling into space will result in an immediate game over.

Tips for long survival

  • You must navigate through a barrage of red obstacles that appear without warning and can be located anywhere in the tunnel. Your objective is to avoid colliding with these obstacles to continue your space adventure. If you fail to do so, the game will come to an abrupt end.
  • You must be careful with the platforms in the game. These platforms form tunnels with various shapes and holes, and some of them can be very dangerous. For instance, there are bright blue platforms that collapse as soon as you touch them. Therefore, you must pay attention to the direction you're heading and choose the most suitable path to avoid falling into space.
  • This game offers you a chance to continue your journey with a second life. You can collect red hearts along the way to gain an extra life. These hearts will help you to survive if you collide with obstacles or fall into space. Collect as many hearts as possible to increase your chances of success and achieve a higher score.
  • During gameplay, it's crucial to carefully time your astronaut's jumps to land safely on the platforms. Look for sturdy platforms to progress and try to minimize time spent on the fragile light blue ones. Combining jumping skills with lateral movements is essential for navigating challenging sections.
  • When jumping from one platform to another, you won't need to worry about dodging obstacles and your speed will be slower. This gives you a chance to observe your surroundings clearly from a higher perspective, allowing you to plan your moves in advance. Use this time wisely to quickly identify your landing spot and prepare to avoid upcoming obstacles.