Trap The Cat

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Challenge your wits in Trap The Cat

Show your intelligence through Trap The Cat game! Use your calculation and logical judgment to trap the cat in the wall you create. Try not to let it escape. This is a puzzle game where your task is to stop a mischievous black cat from escaping the playing field. You can create barriers by clicking to prevent the cat from escaping, but be warned - the cat will move every time you click!

This game is known for its challenging gameplay, as it requires you to use your intellect to solve the puzzles. However, even the most intelligent players can struggle at times. Don't worry if you find yourself stuck for a while, as many other players have experienced the same difficulty. The game created by Reinout Stevens in January 2019, this single-player game has taken the online gaming world by storm. The goal is simple: prevent a black cat from escaping the playing field by building barriers with your mouse clicks. But don't be fooled by the straightforward objective - this game is considered one of the most difficult online games around. Despite the high difficulty, it has attracted millions of players worldwide who are eager to test their wits and problem-solving skills. If you love brain training games, come to a more brain hack game that is Apple Worm. This is a game with many unexpected levels that you can not expect.

How to lock the cat?

When the round starts, take your time and don't rush to create a barrier right away. Instead, observe the level and take note of the most obvious paths, then carefully plan your moves. Focus on blocking off distant areas rather than neighboring ones to maximize your chances of success. With a bit of strategic thinking and patience, you can trap that tricky cat in no time!

You must be careful not to scare the cat away while building your barriers. Once you have created a closed perimeter, start filling the remaining spaces with circles until the cat has no more escape routes. By doing this, you will successfully trap the cat and win the game. Keep in mind that this requires strategic planning and precision, so take your time and think carefully before making your moves.