Agent P: Rebel Spy

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In Agent P: Rebel Spy, you will become a professional commando and destroy the army of Darthenshmirtz. Take control of Perry to complete the mission.

Be a hero and save the world

Welcome to the future world! Here robots are growing and possessing artificial intelligence to join the battle. In this fascinating game, you will play as a heroic character against these fearsome enemies. Your mission is to overcome the challenge and win this highly competitive war. It will not be an easy task, but with unwavering focus and determination, you have enough strength to destroy and defeat these powerful robots.

Complete your mission as a good spy

Take on the role of Perry the Platypus, the legendary agent, and embark on an epic adventure. Make your way through challenging levels and face nefarious commoners who are using their own weapons against them! Make use of your quick reflexes and press the spacebar to unleash a wave that attracts their attackers, turning the tide of battle. In addition, you also need to use a shock stick to defend yourself and disable your enemies. Don't forget to collect rebel cards along the way for bonus points before the end of each level!