Animal Crush Match 3

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Animal Crush Match 3 is a game that gives you great relaxing moments! Use smart tactics to complete your missions. Try to collect three stars after each level.

Rules of Connection

Connecting animals in this game comes with specific rules. You can only link animals that are identical to each other. Additionally, they must be positioned adjacent to one another on the grid. Whether horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, as long as the cells containing the matching animals are next to each other, you can form a connection. This is what makes the game both challenging and engaging. To add to the excitement, you must complete your task within a limited time frame, making the challenge even greater.


For computer users, all you need is the left mouse button to enjoy the game fully. On mobile devices, simply tap on the screen to play.

Achieve the Highest Score in Animal Crush Match 3

Unlike traditional levels or an endless game, each match in Animal Crush Match 3 lasts for a specific duration. Within this allotted time, your goal is to amass as many points as possible. To achieve this, you must strategically clear numerous animal pairs from the grid. If you manage to eliminate multiple animals in one move, your score will soar. Not only will this bolster your score, but it will also save you valuable time, enhancing your chances of reaching a top score.