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Balls Demolish Pixel


Aim and Shoot Your Way to Victory

Balls Demolish Pixel is an addictive shooting game that requires high shooting skills. Wipe out complex block-based images with targeted hits.

Do you possess the sharpshooting skills required for this challenge? In this game, your accuracy is key to dismantling all the blocks on the screen. These blocks assemble into various images, ranging from animals to objects and even food, reminiscent of nostalgic retro graphics. Fail the mission, and you'll meet your defeat.

How to Crush Those Blocks in Balls Demolish Pixel

This game boasts numerous levels, each with its unique models. As you progress, the models grow larger and more intricate, presenting an even greater challenge, especially when the number of balls at your disposal remains unchanged.

Harness the Ball Bounce

Utilize the natural bounce of your balls to maximize block destruction. As you launch balls from a cannon, you can adjust their trajectory to hit as many blocks as possible. You start with six shots, and each volley contains a dozen balls, while the number of blocks can easily exceed a hundred.

Boost Your Arsenal

Boost your ball count by purchasing more using the money you earn. Additionally, power-ups are available to help you demolish a significant number of blocks. Keep in mind, though, that the use of power-ups is limited in Balls Demolish Pixel. So, aim true and enjoy the challenge!