Battle Chess

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Engage in an Unconventional Chess Challenge

Battle Chess is a game that combines stickman and puzzle elements. Control your stickman strategically to defeat your enemies. Make your army stronger. Upon the chessboard, stick figures are poised atop white blocks. Your forces consist of one, two, or three stickmen, and their movements become your tactical arsenal. Navigating this battlefield demands finesse, avoiding inadvertently toppling your own stickmen. The significance of each individual hero cannot be understated, safeguarding their positions is paramount to success.

Make a battle strategy

Elevate Your Numerical Ranks

Observe that each warrior possesses a distinct numerical value. Merging two warriors leads to an augmentation of this number. As the numerical magnitude increases, so does the corresponding warrior's potency. A warrior with a superior numerical value can conquer opponents bearing the same number, provided you launch an active offensive.

Mastery of Movement

Comprehending the stick people's movement principles within this game is imperative. Employing mouse swipes, orchestrate the synchronized movement of all stick figures in your chosen direction. Their advance extends to the board's edge. However, remain mindful that the enemy forces also partake in this orchestrated dance. Vigilance is key as you navigate this delicate choreography.