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Blumgi Rocket


Blumgi Rocket is a racing game full of color and speed. Drive a mini racing car and use all your skills to overcome these challenges and win.

Style play

  • Your goal is to complete the race in the shortest time possible. Try to speed up and fly far, showing off your driving skills on sharp roads. Don't forget there are gems along the way, collect them so you can upgrade the car and unlock more new levels.
  • You just need to move your racing car left, and right and use rockets to overcome obstacles and opponents. However, to become an excellent racer, you need to practice quick reflexes, precise control, and flexible strategic thinking. Perform many beautiful tricks to score high and compete with friends on the leaderboard. If your car flips over or you lose momentum, you can press the back button to start over.

Interesting features

"Break" mechanism

When you collide with obstacles or opponents, your racing car will shatter into small colorful pieces. This "breaking" effect not only brings a refreshing feeling but also helps you determine the exact location of impact, thereby adjusting your strategy accordingly.

Upgrade your racing car and unlock new skills

As you complete levels and earn bonuses, you can use them to upgrade your racing car or unlock new skills. These upgrades will help you increase speed, improve control, and possess special skills to defeat your opponents.