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Boxrob 2


Boxrob 2 is an extremely attractive platformer puzzle game. The player's task is to move the crates to the specified location to complete the levels.

Style play

Each level will take you to a warehouse with boxes placed in different locations. Your task is to use a forklift to move and stack boxes onto the truck in the required order. You need to move the forklift carefully to avoid colliding with boxes or obstacles.

You will need to use the arrow keys to move the forklift robot and the X key to lift/drop the container. You need to move the forklift robot skillfully to avoid obstacles and bring the container to the correct position. Each level will have increasing difficulty, requiring you to apply logical thinking and flexible control ability to complete the task.

How to control

  • You can use the arrows to move your robot.
  • Press the X key to lift and move the container.
  • Release the X key to place the crate down.


Many different types of forklifts

The game offers many different types of forklifts with their own special abilities. Each type of forklift has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is suitable for different tasks.
For example, forklifts with clamps can lift multiple boxes at once, forklifts with buckets can move loose materials, and forklifts with hooks can climb high walls.
Players need to use the appropriate forklift to complete each level most effectively.

Upgrade system

When completing levels, players will receive bonuses. Use bonuses to upgrade forklifts, increase strength, mobility and unlock new forklifts. Upgrading your forklift will help you easily pass more difficult levels.

More than 100 challenging levels

The game has more than 100 levels with increasing difficulty. Each level is meticulously designed with diverse structures and obstacles, requiring players to use all their abilities to complete. The following levels gradually become more difficult, requiring you to use many different types of forklifts and combine flexible movement techniques to pass.