Brawl Star Leon Rush

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About Brawl Star Leon Rush

In Brawl Star Leon Rush, you will need to help little Leon overcome challenges to reach the finish line safely. Collect as many coins along the way. Little Leon has embarked on a worldwide running adventure, navigating through various maps filled with perilous obstacles. Whether it's the treacherous desert, the pitch-black night, or the eerie dungeons, he can't conquer them alone. He relies on your skill to time his jumps perfectly and avoid dangerous obstacles and lurking enemies.

Your objective in Brawl Star Leon Rush

Your objective in the game is to guide young Leon as far as possible, accumulating the highest score along the way. Use the coins you collect to unlock new skins with enhanced abilities, ensuring you can take Leon even further in his daring journey. When you open and earn a lot of money, you can go to the store and unlock many new beautiful and attractive characters. The farther and longer you go, the more money you make. Characters will be priced at different prices and you need to earn a lot of money to own them all.