Cats Drop

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Cats Drop is a puzzle game between cute cats. Your job is to help the cats land safely on a small wooden platform and match cats of the same shape.

Your mission in the game

There are 11 types of adorable cats and when you start the game, these cats will appear randomly. Your task is to match cats with identical appearances. Only when there are two or more identical cats can the pairing be successful. You will start with the smallest cat and gradually build up to larger cats. Each time you successfully match, you will receive points in the right corner of the screen. Try to match as many cats together to gain more points. Note that if you combine these cats to fill the box, the game will end. Matching many similar cats together will help you go a longer distance.

Tips for matching cute cats

  • Pay attention to the right corner of the screen and you will see the next cat image and you can calculate your moves in advance more easily. Each time you successfully match three identical cats, you will have more space to accommodate other cats. You can also change the size of the cats so that it fits the cats you are trying to match. Try to match as many as you can to get as many points as possible.
  • However, the matched cats will get bigger and take up more space, which will also prevent the matching of similar cats between 11 types of similar cats. Use free cats from above as leverage to move other cats to make room for the cat you need to match. This will be extremely effective when you put it into practice.
  • Your score will increase even more when you combine cats of larger sizes together. And vice versa, you will get fewer points when matching small-sized cats. The score scale will be calculated differently depending on the size of each cat. And one thing to note is that you must be sure to drop these cats into the box, if you let them fall out, you will have to end the game. Also if you like a busy game you can try playing Monkey Mart and make yourself the boss of many attractive supermarkets. And to play more games, you can visit House of Hazards to enjoy selected good games every day!