Crazy Egg Catch

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Crazy Egg Catch is the game that tests your fast speed. You need to protect the colorful eggs and guide them to the destination to complete the mission.

The Laying Hen and Her Precious Eggs

Witness a whimsical scenario as a hen perches atop a UFO, diligently laying vibrant eggs. These eggs descend from the sky, and it's your mission to prevent them from landing in a frying pan. Exercise caution, as you're only allowed to let three eggs go to waste. Anger the hen by exceeding the limit, and your game will come to an abrupt end. Get ready for an intriguing adventure that combines extraterrestrial elements with poultry antics.

Portal Color Matching

As the eggs descend, they encounter a large portal that determines their trajectory. However, to guide the eggs safely, you must ensure that the color of the portal matches the color of the eggs. Take swift action by clicking on the appropriate colors to modify the portal's hue. Timing is crucial, as you must change the portal's color before the eggs pass through it to prevent any mishaps.