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Die in the Dungeon


About Die in the Dungeon

Introducing the game

Die in the Dungeon is a role-playing game, deck-building, turn-based roguelite. You will fight your way through a mysterious maze to try to find the treasure. You will control a hero on their journey to find treasure. However, your path will be hindered by monsters, traps and various challenges. The game has a unique deck-building system, you will create your deck of cards from different types of dice. Each dice represents a different action, from basic attacks to healing to special abilities.


  • Unique deck-building system
  • Beautiful pixel-art graphics
  • Attractive soundtrack
  • Challenging roguelite game mode

How to play

This is a turn-based game, meaning each character can only perform one action per turn. You will use the dice in your deck to perform these actions. Each turn, you will choose one of three dice to perform an action, such as attacking, healing, or buffing other dice. You will have to use your dice wisely to defeat monsters and overcome traps in the dungeon.

Types of dice

  • Attack Dice: Use to attack enemies.
  • Healing Dice: Use to heal yourself or teammates.
  • Magic Dice: Use to cast spells.
  • Support dice: Use to support other teammates.

You can use your dice any way you want. For example, you can use an attack die to attack an enemy, or you can use it to activate another die's special ability. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible and defeat as many enemies as possible. You'll start each playthrough with a new deck of cards, so each playthrough will be a new experience.