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Digdig.io is a massively multiplayer online fighting game. You will need to fight many other players to survive. Be careful with the enemies around you.

Rules of the Underground Battle Royale

In Digdig.io, you'll delve into an underground world where fierce battle royales await. Your mission is to dig and vanquish opponents to grow in strength. The more you dig and the more foes you defeat, the more powerful you become. But remember, survival in this game follows the principle of "survival of the fittest." You can only take down opponents who are smaller or weaker than you. Engaging in combat with a stronger enemy is a risky move, and you may end up losing. Utilize the red areas to boost your character's strength, so be sure to gather as much as you can.

Master the Controls

At times, you might face more potent adversaries. Hold down the left mouse button to accelerate your character and escape from deadly attacks. To brake and stop, simply release the left mouse button. And when you meet your demise, press Enter to embark on a new and thrilling competition.