Doki Run

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Description of Doki Run

Doki Run is an online game in which you will go on a journey with an extremely adorable dog. Help Doki jump through countless gaps and collect items. You will face different backgrounds and encounter unique items. As you advance, the game becomes increasingly challenging, keeping you engaged and entertained.

Mission your in Doki Run

Doki has a mission to gather objects for his friends during a long-distance journey. These items will appear one after another on the road, adding to the challenge. Be cautious, as the road is filled with numerous gaps that can end the game if Doki falls into them. Should that happen, you can restart the stage and try again. With its charming cartoon-style graphics, the game is suitable for players of all ages, featuring non-violent visuals.

Your key strategy is to jump over the gaps. These traps will continuously appear on the road, demanding your attentiveness. By clicking the left mouse button at the right moment, you can help Doki make successful jumps and avoid falling into empty spaces.