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Drift F1


Become a talented car racer

Conquer every track in Drift F1. You will have full control over the movement of your vehicle. Use a mouse click to control turn left or turn right. The track in Drift F1 demands precision as players can only maneuver their cars to turn left or right. A momentary lapse in concentration can result in your car veering off the track, leading to defeat. Alongside guiding your car to the finish line, you also have the opportunity to collect coins scattered throughout the track. These coins are essential for unlocking a variety of car models, enhancing your gameplay experience.


To navigate the game, simply use your mouse. Hold down the mouse button to execute a drift and release it to bring your car back to its original position. Master the art of drifting and make the most of your car's capabilities to achieve victory on the challenging track of Drift F1.

Highlights of Drift F1


The honor list in Drift F1 showcases the top players who have excelled in the game. Along with their names, their impressive achievements will be featured on this leaderboard. The leaderboard will display the rankings of exceptional players based on daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time performance. It provides an opportunity for other players to challenge themselves and earn a spot on the leaderboard as well.

Various maps

Upon successfully completing each level by reaching the destination, you will unlock a new map that corresponds to the next level. These new maps are designed to be more complex and challenging compared to the previous levels. However, with concentration and determination, you can overcome these obstacles and emerge victorious. Stay focused, and you'll surely conquer them!