Dumb Ways To Die

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About Dumb Ways To Die


In Dumb Ways To Die, you will experience countless ridiculous challenges that only appear in a few short seconds. Use your intelligence to overcome challenges. In this game, you will control a series of goofy characters and try to help them avoid unnecessary deaths. The game has 15 different levels, each level has a different way to die and they will surprise you with really silly deaths.

Meaningful message of the game

The game is an award-winning public campaign developed by Melbourne's Metro Trains to raise awareness of rail safety. The game encourages players to be cautious near railroad tracks and to use safe passageways when crossing the railroad. The gameplay of this game is extremely unique and creative. Players attempt to steer their clumsy avatars away from danger in a series of mini-games, reinforcing the message of caution in a fun and engaging way.

Guide play

This game always has random situations that make it difficult for you to predict and handle. You can unlock more unique and attractive characters when completing many new missions. The game has a total of 15 attractive levels for you to challenge. Stay away from bears, chase away bees, and use a fork to take bread from the toaster...

Each level features a new, lovably eccentric character who faces their own impending challenges. Your mission is to help them escape and accumulate points through these missions. After each mission you complete, you will receive points and advance to the next round. You will receive points or deduct points, this is completely random and it has nothing to do with whether you complete the task well or not. Also to play another silly and funny game you can play House of Hazards. An extremely funny and attractive game for you to enjoy.