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Eggy Car


Start your egg-carrying journey today!

Let Eggy Car experience the thrill of driving a car with a fragile egg! Drive carefully and collect coins to unlock new cars with unique designs. Unlike the fast reflex gameplay like Geometry Dash Lite. In this game, you need to be careful and skillful to keep the egg safe on your car. Navigate through challenging terrain while keeping a safe distance to avoid breaking the egg. Collect power-ups to help you go further and increase your rank. This game requires both speed and skill, so stay focused and keep your egg safe to reach new distances.

You take on the challenge of driving a car on bumpy roads while carrying a fragile egg. One mistake can cause the egg to fall and end your game. But don't worry, you can collect power-ups along the way to aid you in your journey. With endless gameplay, you'll have plenty of opportunities to improve your skills and beat your previous high score. Drive carefully, collect coins, and unlock new cars to improve your chances of success. Don't let the egg fall out of your car and break, or it's game over.

The playing guidance of Eggy Car

How to control

Controlling the car is as simple as using the left and right arrows. However, driving carefully is key to keeping the egg from falling off. To maintain balance, you can tilt the car as needed. It's important to take it slow, especially when driving up or down hills and rough terrain. Remember, if the egg falls out, it will break and the game will be over.

Unlock more vehicles

There are 54 cars available for you to drive, but only four of them can be unlocked by collecting coins. As you drive along the hilly roads, collect coins to unlock new cars and upgrade your vehicle. You can also receive daily rewards to help you accumulate coins faster. Choose the best car that suits your driving style.

Tip and trick

The egg may fall out of the car and break, but don't give up! Your score is based on how far you've traveled before the egg broke. Keep playing to beat your previous score and see how far you can go!

As you progress through the game, you'll come across coins and power-ups. These coins can be used to purchase new vehicles with unique designs, which can give you an advantage in carrying the egg further. The power-ups can help you get further by providing a shield to protect the egg or a boost to your speed. Make sure to collect as many coins and power-ups as possible to increase your chances of beating your high score.