Elastic Man 3D

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About Elastic Man 3D

Elastic Man 3D is a relaxing game with no missions or goals. Players just need to stretch the man's face in many different directions to create funny sounds. The game's graphics are simple, but they are quite beautiful with realistic 3D flexibility, making players more immersed in the game. Whenever you're stressed, just come to this game and use the mouse to stretch your face in different directions to create different expressions. It's both cute and funny. You can pull it in many different directions and rotate 360. With this elastic feature, you will definitely not be able to resist the attraction it brings.


You can absolutely play this game with your phone or computer easily and simply. Use a keyboard and mouse to control. Press the key or click the mouse to create the elasticity of this man's face. You will see humor in many different distorted angles. Makes you feel more comfortable and at ease when playing.