Firestone Idle RPG

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About Firestone Idle RPG

Firestone Idle RPG is a role-playing simulator that puts you and your team in an epic battle against zombies and orb monsters. Restore peace to the country. Your team is entrusted with the crucial mission of halting this menacing alliance by obliterating these dangerous creatures. To strengthen your cause, you must diligently seek out powerful gems that will aid in the construction of a formidable army. Armed with a mighty force, your journey to bring peace back to the land becomes more achievable. Brace yourself for an enthralling and breathtaking battle that awaits.

Instructions for playing Firestone Idle RPG

In this thrilling game, you'll encounter a swarm of dangerous creatures closing in on you. Utilizing your powers and staff, you unleash a devastating surge of energy to annihilate your adversaries. As you engage in combat against the orb monsters and zombies, you'll notice their strength increasing, possibly influenced by the firestone buff. Swiftly, you must locate the firestone once again, enlisting the support of your fellow warriors and friends. Moreover, your journey involves rescuing numerous individuals who will willingly join your ranks, sharing a common purpose of restoring peace to the kingdom.