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Fisher Cat Online


About Fisher Cat Online

Fisher Cat Online is a fun fish hunting game. Release arrows to roll them into fish and earn points. The more fish you catch, the higher your score will be. Dive into the sea and help the cat take aim at the target before shooting the arrow. Try to maximize your catch by capturing as many fish as possible with each shot.

The cat can't stay underwater for extended periods, relying on a limited oxygen supply from the scuba gear. Time is of the essence in Fisher Cat Online, as you have a short window to hunt fish. This challenging feature adds to the excitement of the game.

Attractive gameplay of Fisher Cat Online

Precise aiming and shooting

Equipped with a powerful cannon and a sharp arrow, the cat relies on your skills to aim at the swiftly swimming fish. Utilize the target circle to line up your shots accurately and time your release perfectly. Successfully piercing a fish with your arrow allows you to collect it. Be cautious of jellyfish, as they can deplete your scuba oxygen. Avoid them to ensure a successful fishing trip.

Unlock and upgrade cannons

Explore the shop in Fisher Cat Online, where a selection of six different cannons awaits. Unlock and upgrade these cannons using coins you earn during gameplay. Investing in upgrades enhances the effectiveness of your cannon, enabling you to capture more fish on your fishing expeditions.