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FNaF World


Overview of gameplay

FNaF World is a role-playing game with traditional horror gameplay. The game takes players on a journey to explore a colorful world with horror characters. This is the first official spin-off of the popular Five Nights at Freddy's horror franchise and brings a whole new adventure to fans.

The game has two modes: Adventure and Fixed Party. You'll explore a vibrant world filled with enemies and characters from the FNaF series, from spooky forests to snowy plains and even mysterious cave systems. There is also an internal dimension called "Flipside", where glitches allow access to hidden locations.

You will lead your team on a quest to discover the source of the glitches and defeat terrifying monsters, restoring peace to the world.


  • Instead of facing scary jumpscares, players will participate in turn-based battles, using each character's unique skills and abilities.
  • Explore the world, collect cards that represent characters, upgrade their powers, and unlock new abilities.
  • Participate in fun and challenging minigames to earn extra items, experience points, and entertainment.