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Geometry Dash Clutterfunk


Geometry Dash Silent Clubstep is a difficult Extreme Demon level. The game is created by Salient and is a Silent version of the main level Clubstep.

Information about the game

  • As of May 2024, only a small portion of players have successfully completed Silent Clubstep, demonstrating its extremely high difficulty.
  • RobTop is the creator of the level, having received immense recognition for creating Silent Clubstep and its impact on the Geometry Dash community.
  • If you're looking for an extreme challenge and a test of your Geometry Dash Lite skills then Silent Clubstep is the ultimate goal. However, be prepared for a grueling and demanding experience that will push your limits to the max.

Impact and legacy

  • This level has achieved legendary status within the Geometry Dash community. It is often considered the benchmark for extreme difficulty and a testament to the player's skill.
  • This level has inspired countless players to push their limits and strive to improve their skills. It serves as motivation for those who want to conquer the ultimate challenge in Geometry Dash.
  • This level has transcended the game itself, becoming a symbol of extreme difficulty and a reference point for hardcore gaming achievements. It has been featured in various YouTube videos, discussions, and memes within the gaming community.

Tips and features

Some tips for completion

  • To be proficient at any level, you always have to practice instead of just knowing the theory. Get used to the challenging fast-paced levels to upgrade your level over time.
  • You can start practicing in practice mode, which allows you to slow down the level, which can be helpful for learning difficult sections.
  • You can watch videos of other players completing the level which can give you good tips and strategies to pass the level.


  • The level's difficulty stems from requiring synchronization with the music. Players must precisely time their jumps and movements to the rhythm of the fast-paced electronic track.
  • The game features various challenging gameplay elements, including tight spaces, difficult transitions, and unexpected timing. It requires exceptional control over the block, ship, and wave patterns.
  • Levels are quite long, requiring players to maintain focus and concentration throughout the entire game. Endurance and mental fortitude are crucial for its successful completion.