Go Battles 2

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Go Battles 2 is a game where you can fight and challenge your friends. Hone your skills to outsmart other players in a series of engaging challenges. For an unforgettable frolic with your companions, Go Battles 2 stands as the epitome of enjoyment. Within its vibrant realm lie an array of mini-games, each poised to captivate you and your friends.

Mini-Games Unveiled

  • Magnet: Engage in a riveting contest with your friend to seize coins scattered throughout the arena, deftly guiding them into the embrace of a formidable black hole.
  • Flame: Pilot your helicopter through precision maneuvers, scooping water and extinguishing fiery blazes with well-timed pours.
  • Glass: Navigate a pendulum-like pipe, adroitly adjusting a platform's position to ensure water descends into the awaiting bucket.
  • Flycar: Harness acceleration as you maneuver a car to cross to the distant coin-laden side.
  • Moto: Commandeer your motorcycle to navigate a treacherous rock-strewn path, amassing points with each successful traverse within a tight timeframe.
  • Jump: Ascend to great heights, nimbly evading perpetual spiky menaces to accrue points and etch your name in history.
  • Hole: Skillfully deposit discs into a designated hole in this test of precision and accuracy.
  • Archers: Engage in a coin box shooting duel with your opponent, aiming to collect coins while steering clear of explosive traps.
  • Drift: Embark on a time-bound drifting race, endeavoring to complete multiple laps with finesse and speed.
  • Row: Steer a boat down the river, gathering coins along the way, while your navigational prowess shines.
  • Up-Down: Leap among treetop branches, snatching coins with agility, mindful of branches that may give way beneath your feet.

Seize Control

  • PLAYER 1: Navigate with grace using the A-D keys.
  • PLAYER 2: Skillfully maneuver through mini-game challenges using the left-right arrow keys.