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Gorilla Tag


Have you ever imagined yourself as a funny gorilla wandering in the forest? Now your dream has come true with Gorilla Tag, this extremely engaging VR game.

Become the King of the Jungle

  • Feel the wind in your fur as you grip branches and soar through the air with powerful swings.
  • Discover hidden waterfalls, secret caves, and towering trees in a variety of vibrant landscapes, from sun-dappled jungles to neon-lit cityscapes.
  • Play a thrilling game of tag with your friends, outsmarting and outclimbing them to become the ultimate Gorilla King!

More Than Just Tags

  • Keep an eye out for the infected gorilla, whose touch will turn you into one of them! Work together with your friends to avoid the infection and stay untagged.
  • Master your parkour skills by conquering challenging obstacle courses and perfecting your climbing and swinging techniques.
  • Team up with other gorillas in online matches or create your own private games to share the fun with your closest pals.