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Advertisement is an online multiplayer video game of the ".io" genre inspired by classic snake games and incorporating elements from the game Tron.

The Deadly Arena

Each player controls a snake that represents them. You can give your snake a nickname or use your real name. Once you have named your snake, you enter a limited arena where the challenge begins.

Growing Stronger

To become the strongest snake, you need to absorb energetic particles scattered around the arena. These particles make your snake grow bigger and longer. There are plenty of these particles, so your snake can keep growing. Additionally, when a snake dies, it transforms into special energetic particles. Eating these particles will make your snake grow even faster.

Strategies and Challenges

The arena is full of challenges because every player wants to be the biggest snake. To succeed, you must plan smart strategies to outwit and outmaneuver other players. You can set traps and find ways to defeat your opponents to absorb their energy and grow stronger.

Tips and Tricks

Start Small and Stay Safe

Your snake is small and vulnerable. It's best to stay away from other snakes at first and focus on growing. Absorb the energetic particles around you to become bigger. You can use the small map in the right corner of the screen to see where other snakes are and avoid them.

Attack Smaller Snakes

Once your snake has grown a bit, it's safer to start attacking other snakes. It's a good idea to target snakes that are smaller than you. This way, you have a better chance of winning and absorbing their energy to grow even more.

Avoid the Deadly Border

The arena in the game has a circle that surrounds it. This border is deadly, so make sure you don't collide with it. Stay within the safe area to keep your snake alive and continue growing.

Encircle and Trap Opponents

A very effective strategy in the game is to encircle your opponents. Once you have grown enough, try to circle around other snakes and trap them. As you close in, they will have no way to escape and will eventually crash into your snake, turning into energetic particles that you can absorb to grow even bigger.