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Haunt The House


In Haunt The House, you will play the role of a ghost and scare away unwanted guests coming to a haunted house. Use objects in the house to scare them.

Your mission as a ghost

The player's goal is to scare uninvited guests into the house by possessing objects in the house. Players can own any object in the house, including furniture, decorations, and even other characters. When you are a ghost, players will not be able to see you. You can crawl into objects in the house and make them move. Each room will have different objects such as bookshelves, chairs, fireplaces, tables, etc. Take advantage of them to scare as many guests as possible.

Tips to chase away many customers

Not all objects in the house can be used to scare guests. When you are just a fledgling ghost, you will only get a few certain items. When you chase away more guests, you will be able to own more objects in the house. This will help you increase your chances of scaring more customers.

However, it should be noted that you should master human psychology. Don't make them too scared because they won't dare run out but will just sit in a corner and scream. Your goal is to chase all the guests out, so scaring too much will be counterproductive. Because it was dark in this house, they were scared and wouldn't know where to run or in which direction. So you need to scare smartly to make the guests run away from this haunted house.

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