Heads Up Skibidi

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About Heads Up Skibidi

Heads Up Skibidi is a unique heading game that features a skibidi head and poop picker. Push the ball to fall into the pile to collect points. Your objective is to achieve the highest score possible. The ball moves at a rapid pace, so your character must react swiftly. You'll earn one point for each successful block, but if the ball hits the ground without being intercepted, the level ends. Your best score will be recorded in the game, allowing you to challenge yourself to improve it.


  • Desktop Controls: Use the right-click and mouse drag to move the object left and right.
  • Mobile Controls: Swipe the screen left and right to move the object.

How to play

You can invite a friend or team up with a random opponent for an exciting dance performance. The game will present a series of Skibidi dance moves that you must copy using your body and gestures. Your score gets higher the more accurately you reproduce the jumps. Feel free to inject some personal flair and humor into your performance! Try to win by surpassing your opponents, earning more points in each round. Victory always comes with rewards. Use them to unlock new dance moves, outfits, and accessories for your character. Compete with players around the world, aiming for the top of the global leaderboard to establish yourself as the ultimate Skibidi dancer.