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Helix Jump


Challenge your speed in Helix Jump

Helix Jump is a fun spiral game. You will control the ball falling from above at lightning speed. Try to score high and break records in this exciting game. With lively jumping challenges, you'll find yourself immersed in steering a ball through an incredibly addictive spiral maze. With the classic ball game, you will navigate the spiral ladder that bounces continuously to the bottom and experience the feeling of endless fast speed.

Tips to get a high score while playing

Your goal

Your goal is to guide a ball to bounce down a series of interconnected circular platforms. Drop the ball between blocks connected by a long pipe of light color. The darker blocks at the edges of the maze are dangerous traps and will end the game when you hit your ball on this block. You then have to start playing the game again. There are many levels waiting for you to conquer. Although the basic mechanics of the game are easy to play, it is not easy for you to master your reflexes. Are you ready to join the fast-speed challenge right now?

Ball control

To navigate the bouncing ball, you need to strategically rotate the platforms, aligning them with the cracks to allow the ball to go down. By doing this action in quick succession, you can make combo moves and earn a higher score. Additionally, if you manage to successfully navigate through the three levels quickly, you'll gain a temporary invincible state, allowing you to be immune to obstacles on the first bounce after reaching a new level.

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