House of Haunts

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House of Haunts is a Halloween-themed adventure game. You are locked in a gloomy house. You need to try to find a way to escape from this haunted house.

Challenge you to overcome the darkness

Explore the insides of the mysterious boxes with the spacebar or climb the stairs to discover alternative paths. You need to light up every nook and cranny to dispel the darkness, but you should also beware of lurking skeletons, carnivorous plants, and eerie eyes peering through crevices in the walls. You will be in trouble if you reveal your footstep. Because bats, crows, and other evil creatures will get in your way unless you bring a lantern. You also need to avoid looking in mirrors, as they reveal haunting ghosts rather than your own reflection.

Character control and interaction

You need to navigate the arrow keys and interact with objects by pressing the spacebar. Explore the haunted house and try to escape without encountering any ghosts or creatures, as collectiding with them will result in losing the game.

Conquer levels and unlock more new levels

In this haunted house, there will be a total of five floors. Each floor is a tough challenge for you. You will need to guide your character to the destination using the "left" and "right" arrows. You need to try your best to be able to pass each level and have a great time. On your journey to find the key to unlock the next levels, you need to collect decorative pumpkins to strengthen your power and dispel your fear of the dark. You have to unlock more doors to progress, accompanied by a series of special encounters that escalate. Defeat the monsters and use your courage to overcome the inner struggles. Will you rise to the challenge and help your beloved Disney characters escape from this haunted abode? Put on your cape and become the savior of the world as you embark on this thrilling quest.