Jetpack Kiwi

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Unveiling the Adventures of Jetpack Kiwi

Jetpack Kiwi is an extremely fun online shooting game. Conquer 20 levels and defeat five bosses, trying to protect Earth from the clutches of alien invaders.

The tale begins as alien forces descend upon Earth, wreaking havoc upon its cities. Witnessing the devastation caused by these extraterrestrial visitors, our pint-sized hero, Kiwi, takes it upon himself to embark on a daring mission to rescue our planet. Equipped with a trusty jetpack for high-flying maneuvers and a trusty blaster to vanquish foes, Kiwi's destiny is in your hands. Your mission? Guide Kiwi to navigate the treacherous skies, avoiding collisions with alien adversaries. Additionally, you must aim to eliminate as many of these invaders as possible, racking up precious points. Keep in mind that you're granted up to five chances for revival should you fall to your alien foes. In your pursuit of justice, don't forget to scour the path for hidden letters concealed within crates. Destroy these crates to retrieve the elusive letters.

Controls are as follows

  • Press X to initiate and embark on this thrilling adventure.
  • Employ the up and down arrow keys to ascend or descend during flight.
  • Utilize either X or the spacebar to unleash Kiwi's potent blaster.
  • Note: For those engaging in 2-player mode, both keyboard and game controller inputs are required.

Game Modes in Jetpack Kiwi

  • 1-Player Mode: If you're seeking to defend Earth single-handedly, this mode is your battleground.
  • 2-Player Mode: For those desiring to share the excitement with friends, rally them for the 2-Player mode. Working in tandem, you and your friend will aim to thwart the alien threat. However, remember that in this mode, the adventure concludes if either you or your comrade experiences defeat on five separate occasions. Hence, effective cooperation is pivotal for mutual survival, allowing you both to vanquish adversaries and protect Earth.