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Knife Ninja


Conquer the planks

Knife Ninja is an arcade game with skillful knife-throwing gameplay. The object of the game is to throw all your knives at a rotating target on the screen.


While playing, the board will not stand still but it will move around along with other objects such as knives and obstacles. Your task is to aim carefully and time it to throw each knife down on the board without any collision. Even a small mistake will end the match, so concentration is key.

Dart into the apples

To earn extra points, aim for apples randomly placed on the board. If you hit them with a knife, you will show off your talent even more. Just make sure not to touch any objects other than the apples, as this will hinder your progress in the challenge.

Follow the table

Keep a close eye on the board as it changes with each challenge. Different fruits such as tomatoes, apples, and pineapples may appear, but the most important thing is their rotation. The board moves at different speeds, so it's important to observe its movement and take advantage of the slower rotation speed to make your throws. This strategy will help you complete each challenge successfully.

The challenge gradually increases

Initially, the board rotates slowly, allowing you to grasp everything. As you advance through the levels, the challenge becomes harder. The board spins faster, making it more difficult to time your throws. It may seem overwhelming, but patience is key.

Unlike some games that force you to complete tasks all the time, this game allows you to take your time. Especially on more difficult levels, patience will be rewarded. Rushing can actually make things more difficult, so the most important thing is to find your rhythm and wait for the right moment to strike. Besides having fun, you'll also develop valuable skills along the way.