MeMe World

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Explore a Plethora of Memes

MeMe World is a game that helps you collect memes with many different characters. Help the meme discover the thrilling adventures that lie ahead.

Characterized by a primary gray color scheme, your in-game persona dons a troll face. Even the sun and moon sport playful countenances. This game seamlessly melds the genres of puzzles and adventure, demanding puzzle-solving prowess to surmount missions while exercising caution against lurking hazards.

Navigating Meme World's Levels

As you progress, the game unveils a multitude of levels, each progressively more challenging. Skill enhancement naturally evolves as you traverse these levels.

Reaching the Finish Line

A flag proudly marks the culmination of your journey at each level. Gaining access to this flag heralds your successful passage. Some levels demand the completion of specific tasks before the flag materializes, necessitating thoughtful deliberation.

Attending to the Notices

Perched within each level, screen-bound notices or warnings furnish invaluable insights. For instance, a notice indicating "into the cloud" implies objects concealed within clouds, some of which might pose threats.

Mastering Game Controls

In this realm, manipulate your character's movements by utilizing the left and right arrow keys for forward and backward motion. Elevate your character with the up arrow key, enabling adept jumps within the realm of Meme World.