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Merge Fruit


Merge Fruit is a fruit matching game that helps you improve your logical thinking ability. You will combine similar fruits to create larger fruits.

How to combine fruits

  • This addictive game isn't just about matching - it's about masterminding a fruity chessboard. Each juicy move unlocks a cascade of transformations, demanding foresight and planning to conquer the board. Only the cunningest fruit fusionists will prevail!
  • You'll find yourself lost in a vibrant garden filled with colorful fruits like succulent strawberries and blushing apples. Imagine a dazzling web filled with these delicious fruits! To complete the task you need to swipe two identical fruits together to create a new fruit that is larger than the original. The bigger the fruits you create, the higher the score you will get.
  • Each merge will raise your fruit to a higher level, you will have the opportunity to unlock many new fruits and extremely attractive flavors. There are more than 200 types of extremely delicious fruits waiting for you to conquer. From familiar favorites to rare hybrids, it's all waiting for you. The rarer the fruit, the more advantages your harvest will have to earn money and get higher scores.

Tips to get high scores

  • Think ahead with your merge moves to maximize your fruit combos and score absolutely. Fruits will appear randomly and you won't know in advance. So you need to calculate every step carefully. If you know how to arrange the positions of the fruits intelligently, each fruit falling at the right time can clear your board. Your points will be combined into combos and you will get a lot of points.
  • Each falling sphere brings an opportunity, a piece of the puzzle in your quest for delicious victory. Use your mouse to arrange similar fruits for a satisfying smash. Try not to let the fruits reach the red line because you will end the game. In addition, to play many other exciting games, visit House of Hazards every day to experience many new games.