My Mini City

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Journey to build a dream city

My Mini City is a simulation game of building the city of your dreams. You often guide your workers to build beautiful and unique architectural marvels. Your adventure begins with a single worker and an abundance of bricks. As the game unfolds, your workers diligently transport these blocks to designated platforms, gradually forming complete structures. Each successfully stacked tile translates into a monetary reward. These earnings can be harnessed to enhance your workforce by recruiting additional workers and undertaking upgrades. The efficacy of your construction efforts is greatly amplified with a larger workforce. Furthermore, a range of supportive items, including golden bricks, superheroes, and speed-enhancing shoes, can be employed during construction. Accessible via an icon in the corner of your screen, these items facilitate the building process. The Map section allows you to admire your completed constructions, while the Deco section grants you the freedom to embellish your city with decorative elements. As you construct buildings and accomplish missions, your level ascends, ushering in opportunities for advancement and reaping more substantial coin rewards in subsequent stages. Are you up to the challenge of transforming your city into a thriving hub of prosperity?

Upgrade the city of your dreams

As your coin reserves grow, the avenue to enhancement opens up, affording you the ability to elevate profits, increase speed, and augment your workforce. A profit upgrade augments your earnings even during offline periods, ensuring a steady influx of resources. Boosting worker speed translates into quicker completion of tasks, culminating in more efficient progress. It is worth noting that these enhancements come at a price, necessitating a significant investment of coins. The cost escalates with each subsequent upgrade, aligning with the increasingly substantial benefits they confer. Additionally, each upgrade contributes to elevating your overall level. Striving for comprehensive upgrades proves pivotal to your advancement, ultimately making conquering the game a more attainable feat.