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Odd One Out


Test your keen eye in Odd One Out


Odd One Out is a thrilling online game with thousands of unique questions that you need to conquer. Test how fast your eyes are in this game now! Can you spot the subtle differences among the pictures and identify the odd one out? The gameplay couldn't be simpler - just a click to select the target images. But beware, you can't pick just any image. There's a strict requirement that you must follow. Get ready for an engaging challenge that will keep you entertained and sharpen your visual perception skills.

Exciting mode

Its two engaging modes: Arcade and Emoji. With a staggering 1000 levels in each mode, a grand total of 2000 levels await your conquest. Brace yourself for an escalating challenge as the difficulty gradually increases with each level, putting your skills to the ultimate test. Each mode boasts its own unique theme, featuring a variety of different images to keep you engaged. Rest assured, the rules of the game remain consistent across both modes, ensuring a seamless and familiar gameplay experience.

Your quest in Odd One Out

On the game screen, you'll be presented with a collection of seemingly identical images. However, there's a catch - one image possesses a unique and distinctive feature that sets it apart from the rest. Your mission is to quickly identify and select this odd image to progress to the next level. But be warned, the target image is cleverly concealed among the others, making it a challenging endeavor. Time is of the essence, as you'll need to find the odd one out before the clock runs out. Should time expire, you'll have to restart and resume your search for the elusive target.

If you happen to select the wrong image, brace yourself to restart the level. However, when you make the correct choice, prepare to be rewarded with a generous supply of coins and valuable experience points. Accumulating these experience points will unlock special gifts that await you.